Meet The Authors

Linda Hunt, a Kingdom Prophetic gift to the Body of Christ, a Marketplace Minister, CEO of Access Business Consultant, LLC. She is the creator of a weekly broadcast, The Marketplace Connection, and has interviewed many guests in the past five years from every sphere of society. She is a published author of Amen Sister! and visionary of the anthology, Gathering the Fragments So Nothing Would Be Lost. She has a passion for seeing women discover their God-given purpose, using them to bring multiple streams of income.

You can view her weekly broadcast on Worship Radio International, Saturday mornings, 11 am on, She is also on the staff of the parent company, Worship Media Group and you can see her for all your broadcasting and advertising needs.

Linda Hunt

The Anthology Dr

Evangelist Cathy R. Hendrix has enjoyed a 38-year journey with the Lord. She serves Him by teaching and preaching the Gospel, counseling, and coaching women through life’s hardships. She is the mother of two married daughters and has five grandchildren. She has worked in the Administrative field for 36 years and looks forward to retirement in the new future. After completion of her BSW degree, she plans to dedicate her time to assisting the less fortunate. She published her first book, Divorce Journey, in July 2019, which can be purchased from or Amazon. She has extensive public speaking experience and is using her gifts for the building of God’s Kingdom.

Cathy R. Hendrix

Karen J. Cheathem is a born-again believer who is committed to the excellence of word living – that is, holding to the promise of God and trusting Him in all things. 

She believes and teaches the principles of God’s word that we are His stewards, and our purpose is to follow the example of Jesus and serve others in need (Matthew 25:31-46).

She teaches Financial Wellness Workshops, the concept of being unique like the Empire State Building, Financial Literacy/Debt Free Living, and Economic Opportunity, and Empowerment for Ex-offenders in Transition (EXIT).

Former Accounting Instructor Baker College and retired Benefits Analyst Muskegon County. Married to Perry for 52 years; they have one son, Perry Jr., a daughter-in-love, Chris and five grandchildren. However, most important are these seven words KAREN IS A SERVANT OF THE KING!

Karen J. Cheathem

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Meskerem Mekasha immigrated to the United States at the age of 23. Eventually settling in Michigan, Meskerem built a 20 plus year career in automotive sales. Meskerem enjoys gardening, engaging in community events, and of course writing. She currently lives with her family in Michigan. This is her debut publication.

Meski Mekasha

While many struggle to keep their heads in the game, Coach Tanya Bankston helps clientele worldwide leap over hurdles and successfully cross the finish line—many times, with minimal sweat and tears. Out of the shadows of abuse, low self-esteem, and trust issues, Bankston pushes clients to discover and cultivate the leader within. Complete with her no-nonsense coaching style, zero tolerance for excuses, and passion for reinvention and repurposing, Bankston inspires women to transition from simple existence to living a life of abundance—unapologetically. From abandonment of her father, molestation and date rape—to domestic abuse, welfare dependency and divorce—she’s no stranger to the struggle. But she’s made a conscious choice to walk as a victor, not a victim. As a certified life, leadership and solutions-focused coach, Bankston trains her clients to not only develop stellar products and services, but quality relationships—relationships that position them to stand out and soar in the marketplace. In addition to her coaching certification from the Universal Coach Institute, she also holds two Master’s degrees one in Mental Health Counseling, and another in Leadership. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development and Health Science, and a graduate certificate in Human Resources from Central Michigan University. As the president and CEO of Greater Heights Coaching & Professional Development LLC, she encourages clientele to reach higher, achieve more, and live their best life now! Her signature team-building workshops have encouraged audiences from D.C. to Kansas City, offering them key tools on negotiations, collaboration, compromise, and communications. Founded in 2009, offers both corporate and team-building activities for business professionals of all backgrounds. Together with her educational background, corporate tenure and passion to drive others to succeed, she’s on a definitive mission to positively impact the lives of all she comes in contact with—taking them from good to great! Unlike the average life coach, who coaches clients to become better at what they do currently, Coach Bankston encourages her clientele to radically reinvent themselves opening the door to a myriad of opportunities. Just because a team has a coach doesn’t mean they win. Let Coach Bankston catapult you to your next best level of success— fostering change through the pursuit of personal and professional excellence.

Tanya Bankston

Haydee Irving affectionately known as an Apostle Haydee is a Minister, CEO, Entrepreneur, Mother, Daughter, Wife and most importantly lover of the King. She is a bold prophet who walks in the true Apostolic/ Prophetic nature of God never failing to represent God’s true nature.

From a young age Haydee struggled with anger, depression, and anxiety. As a young teenager, Haydee was broken and admittedly sought out love from alcohol, drugs and homosexual relations. In countless mentions of her testimony  Haydee admits she never believed she would make it out of High School alive but, God intervened. 

At the tender 19 Haydee encountered and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and began to learn more about herself through him. At the age of 20 Haydee met her husband Prophet Blaine who she later accepted and married in 2017 and together they bore 2 children.

During the 2020 COVID19 pandemic God opened the door to launch her brand new makeup line called Haydee Cosmetics. Her array of shades are long-lasting and are each inspired by unique names.

Haydee Irving

Kenya Johnson is a certified life coach and owner of the Total Makeover Company, where her motto is “Activating and Building the Woman in You.”  She has a passion for writing and has authored various books on relationships and self-esteem building. Kenya lives in Michigan with her husband (Brian) of twenty-three years and three children, Brian II (21), Brandon (17), and Jocelyn (12).

Kenya Johnson

Media is a way of life for Native Detroiter, Tiffany Patton. With an enduring passion for media and empowering others in tow, Tiffany is often recognized as a modern-day renaissance woman. In May 2011, Tiffany sought to premiere the first radio broadcast of On the Go with Tiffany Patton. The Detroit based radio show gained much traction and became the source of neo soul, jazz, soul & gospel music. From thought provoking topics, interviews and engaging conversations with guest celebrity hosts, artists and public and political personalities, the show evolved into a TV show that exudes the same excitement as the radio show & later a successful podcast heard on IHeartradio, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, etc.
This podcast then began a successful video podcast seen weekly on YouTube.

This media maven covers media in all avenues from television, radio and now print as she has been a contributing writer for national magazine Hope for Women Magazine & Impact Atlanta Magazine and recently became the Editor in Chief of Impact Detroit International Magazine as well. She is the owner & founder of Enerlight Candle Co. & just recently launched her Hair & Beauty line Crowned Glorious Hair & Beauty which is a subsidiary of her company Crowned Glorious. Mother of a very beautiful and talented daughter to boot. In 2018, she added author to her as she was the coauthor of Push Through-How the Process leads you to the Promise. Among her accomplishments as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tiffany is a recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award (2017). Tiffany was also just recently featured in Rolling Out Magazines business column as the “Emerging Player in the Media Industry”. She was also honored by Native Detroit Magazine in of November 2017 for her contributions to media and entrepreneurship. Ms. Tiffany Patton lastly doesn’t take lightly being that of a minister & life coach as her serving and helping others holds dearest to her heart. Tiffany Patton uses her influence & national platform to uplift, encourage, empower and inspire all she encounters, in short Ms. Patton exemplifies a modern-day renaissance woman.

Tiffany Patton

Lakina Fulks is an Author of many books, a wife and  mother of six children, she is a businesswoman; an entrepreneur who has many different businesses. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Business and Master’s Degree in Social Justice. She believes in justice and doing what’s right, and that all people should be treated fairly. She speaks for those who can’t or are afraid to speak for themselves. She is a giving person and loves to help people. Lakina is a Vice President of The Lost and Found Christian Association. Their mission is to provide battered and sexually abused women and their children a rehabilitation process that includes continuity of care and empowerment. She is a part of the Women’s Council of Realtors, along with a VIP Member of the International Associate of Professional Women. Lakina is the founder of The treasure Within, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was designed for young ladies age 8-19. The program is intended to motivate, empower, uplift, build self-esteem and teach leadership skills, and for the ladies to find the treasure within them so they can recognize their goals, dreams, and desires for their lives. Lakina recently started a talk show called Believe in Yourself Tuesday that is featured on the SMD live Network, Iheart radio, and her YouTube channel Lakina Fulks. She believes there are hidden treasures in everyone, and everyone is special and has gifts. She is big on Faith and the power of believing. She loves to empower all people to be the best they can be.

Lakina Fulks

Dr. Joyce M. Hogan serves alongside her husband as Pastors of Living Bread Ministries, Int’l. She holds a doctorate in Theology and decades of ministry experience and wisdom. She is the author of Characteristics of an Intercessor, and 60 Days in His Presence.

Dr. Hogan serves as the leader of the prayer ministry at their church. Gifted with a strong prophetic call, she both hosts and ministers at various women’s conferences. She has a heart for women and a desire to raise up godly women who are strong in the Lord, loving to their husbands and committed to their families. Dr. Hogan resides in the Detroit area with her husband and has two married adult children, along with three grandchildren. There can be no victory without a battle. Courage is hidden when things are going well. When all the glory, honor, and praise, points to Jesus Christ, our Lord, then his light shines in the darkness to draw others to him that they will be blessed.

Dr. Joyce M. Hogan

Barbra R. Gentry-Pugh Founder and CEO of Heart Expressions Ministries International, LLC. Barbra is an international published award-winning author – a recipient of the PWN International Literary Award for her first book “Every Beat of My Heart”, her debut book release.   She is an also contributing author to seven books with The Professional Woman Network (PWN), a Certified Biblical Counselor, Certified International Life Coach and a graduate of Michigan Theological Seminary, with a Masters Degree in Christian Education. 

Barbra R. Gentry-Pugh

Beth Weber is a gifted speaker and author with a contagious passion for the Word of God. She is the founder of Hope Services LLC, a speaking organization established to help others persevere and endure hardship with hope. With refreshing transparency, Beth inspires audiences with her compelling stories and practical biblical applications. Watch for the year-end release of her book, The Diamond in Your Disappointment-Mining God’s Treasure in Trials

Beth Weber

Spiritual and Relationship Coach. I Am Destined With A Purpose!

Taynia A. (Coleman) Mosley is a Relationship Coach and the author of An Unnecessary Breakdown Within Your Relationship: Communication Is Key, who helps broken hearted people whether married, engaged, single, or dating become unstuck in their love walk. By helping them heal and to be completely made whole again with forgiveness and love for others. To start the healing process, you must decide to become whole again, to love, and to forgive yourself so you can love and forgive others. It is imperative to love thyself without a doubt.

Before starting Destined With A Purpose, and after a successful career in helping people solve everyday life issues, writing a self-help book helping people to navigate through relationships and communication matters became her life focus. Going through a bad marriage/divorce is where her work started. Through experience and her faith in God, she began relationship coaching through helping other broken people become unstuck and live again. Taynia now coaches people on how to show up for themselves to show up inside of their relationship for others.  She also offers spiritual meditation sessions where she works on the inner man by self-healing to learn how to cleanse your mind, soul, body, and spirit through different techniques.

Tania A. Mosley

Sarah Williams is a native of Detroit, Michigan, mother of one son, two daughters, and a grandmother of eight. Music is my first passion. She has shared her gifted voice as a soloist with several local gospel groups spreading the good news.

Sarah is now able to share her passion for writing in hopes of encouraging and inspiring someone to know God’s Love in their daily experiences. Sarah is a member of Scott Memorial United Methodist Church: Rev. Cornelius Davis Jr. She is also a Certified Lay Servant committed to Evangelism, Prayer, and Performing Arts ministries.

Sarah Williams

Born to a crack-addicted mother, poverty for Dr. Teresa Moore wasn’t a place, it was a mindset. While she naturally grew in stature and age, Teresa’s emotional and mental capacity was limited to that of a child strung out on drugs—until she learned to surrender to God. From a life of merely surviving to unapologetically thriving, Dr. Moore soon discovered that to find her true identity, she had to lose sight of self. Once she tapped into her inner “God-fidence” and redefined what real love looked like, she committed to unlocking others along her journey—reminding them that how you begin does not determine how you finish. In her debut book, Awakened to Win: 30 Affirmations to Jumpstart Your Day, Dr. Teresa reminds readers worldwide that everyone was created on purpose, with divine purpose—they simply need to tap into the greatness within. In addition, she serves as a faithful board member of The Fountain for Women, Ruth and Naomi Ministries and Pray Like a Submitted Wife, these are the three candid platforms where women gather to be strengthened and encouraged through the Word of God.

Dr. Teresa Moore

I am currently a senior citizen who is now starting to help other senior ladies through consultation. My goal is to start a help ministry for ladies who have been, and are overlooked because we are a misunderstood group. Felecia is a Certified Holistic Therapist, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma.

Felecia Hollis